Movie TV Watchlist


This application is a Movie and TV Show watch list. The user will be able to search any movie or tv show they wish to watch. The movie and tv show data is coming from the TMDB (The Movie Database) API. In addition to the user manually searching for what they want to watch, displayed on the front page will be different movie and tv show categories such as “Most Popular” and “Top Rated”. The user will be able to scroll through a list of the top movies and tv shows and add them to their watch list at the click of a button. The user will also be able to click on the movie poster and a modal will appear which will display the movie or tv show release date, type, genre, popularity, and description. Within the modal, the user will be able to add such item to their watch list.

On the watch list page, the user will be able to see everything they added to it in the “Plan to Watch” category. The user will then be able to delete items from their watch list by pressing the “Remove” button. All items in the watch list will be saved to local storage. When the browser is refreshed or closed, the user’s watch list will still contain the items that they placed in their previously.

Technologies Used

  • HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Bulma CSS
  • jQuery
  • Server-side API
  • Google Fonts


Screenshot of Front-Page

Screenshot of Modal

Screenshot of Watchlist


This is a link to the deployed application: Watchlist


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