Context and Features

  • IdeaBox is a web application that my fellow collaborators and I created from the ground up. It involves the creation and propagation of idea instances via the use of class instantiation, textual input from the user, and the creation of brand new HTML elements using JavaScript. It is designed to help those with great ideas keep track of said ideas in a manageable and organized fashion. User’s are only able to save an idea after they have entered text into the “Title” and “Body” input boxes. Prior to doing so, the “Save” button will issue an alert telling them they are unable to save an idea until their textual input has been registered. In addition to this feature, users are also able to delete said ideas with the click of a delete icon.

  • As we progress through our application, IdeaBox will receive future patches and iterations that add additional features and functionality to our application, including but not limited to: the favorting of particular ideas, being able to access the user’s favorite ideas in a separate section of our site, and searching for specific ideas using a search bar. We look forward to all of the amazing ideas our user’s will create and come up with using IdeaBox.


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

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Project Specs

  • The spec for this application can be found here


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