Wordle Archive

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An archive for Wordle by Josh Wardle and built on top of Word Master created by Katherine Peterson, Wordle Archive is … simply a remembrance of wordles past. I created this because I wanted to go back to Wordles that I had missed.

How did I do it?

This project would not have been possible without Selenium. I figured out that if I changed my computer time to a previous date, I could trick Wordle into allowing me to access the Wordle for the day. I used Selenium to go back in time and obtain answers, but I have since been told the answers were already in the correct order in the original source code. I have the answers in plain text in the source code as well because I don’t care, especially since there are many ways to cheat already.


You have 6 guesses to guess the correct word.
Each guess can be any valid word.

After submitting a guess, the letters will turn gray, green, or yellow.

  • Green: The letter is correct, in the correct position.
  • Yellow: The letter is correct, but in the wrong position.
  • Gray: The letter is incorrect.


Feel free to open an issue for any bugs or feature requests.

To contribute to the code, see CONTRIBUTING.md


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