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This is an archive of the official Blocksi Enterprise Edition Chrome extension. The code has been beautified to make it more readable.

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The maintainers of this repository do not take responsibility for the usage or content of this code. It is provided to you “as is”, with no expectation of proofreading on behalf of the maintainers. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message us.


Copied/modified from the unreleased Blocksi documentation effort

For official information from Blocksi, click here.

For updates from the maintainers of this documentation, message jvadair or ArrowsGD and request an invite.

Burning questions:

Can Blocksi spy on me through the webcam?

Answer: Yes. According to the Blocksi FAQ (Question 13) “the camera can be used for audio-video conferencing.” What does this mean? We’re not exactly sure. Does my school have the ability to spy on us at home through our webcams? It would seem so. Has ours ever done this? Not to our knowledge. It seems unlikely that this technology would be used.

Do take comfort however in the fact that their website seems to suggest that teachers can only spy on students during their class time.

What exactly can Blocksi do?

Blocksi does a lot of things. Anything that can be detected from your Chromebook, it would appear that they track it.

For example (and not limited to):

  • Viewing every tab you have open
  • Viewing your entire screen
  • Assessing the appropriateness of a website and notifying school authorities (API documentation for this coming soon)
  • Parent dashboard
  • Website blocking
  • Teacher-student messaging
  • Student analytics
  • Track your location
  • Lock Chromebook to specific website
  • and more


How thorough is Blocksi?

As I mentioned previously, Blocksi tracks everything. However, this is more thorough than you would think. Here’s a screenshot from their website to give you an idea:


What can I do?

Check out the Workarounds section for more information.

As a general rule of thumb, behave when on your Chromebook. You should also avoid using using your Chromebook and school google account (including Drive, Hangouts, etc.) for non-school purposes.

Isn’t this illegal?!

Sadly, no. It complies with the CIPA act (read their FAQ)


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