🌸 🌻 Little Garden 🌺 🌷

An e-commerce site for plant-lovers to buy fresh, home-grown plants.


Built with React, next.JS and PostgreSQL.

🌼 Designed and developed by:

💐 User Stories

As a user, I want to:

  • browse the plants on your store;
  • see each category of plant and click on one;
  • see a description of each product; and
  • select a product and select the size & quantity that I want

🌹 Visit the site (as a user):

Visit: https://week6-asmahan-hallie-peter-maria.vercel.app/


Visit the site (as a developer):

  • git clone (URL)
  • Populate the database (psql ???)
  • run npm run dev in your terminal.
  • Open http://localhost:3000 with your browser to see the result.

🌵 Stretch goals:

  • A shopping basket;
  • A search feature;
  • A ‘sort-items by price’ filter;


Planning of design and features:


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