Sing Me A Song

An easy to use application where one can share music videos without needing to sign-up.


About the App

This app allows you to :

  • Make a song recommendation by adding its link and name
  • Upvote or Downvote recommendations from other users
  • See a list of the most popular recommendations
  • Get a random recommendation
  • Play the videos on any of the categories above

Technologies which have made this project possible:

JavaScript React HTML5 CSS3 React Router Styled Components ESLint Prettier Banner cypress

How to run

Clone this repository

$ git clone [email protected]:amontheape/singmeasong_front.git

Install dependencies

$ npm i

Set environment variables @root/.env


Run the app preview

$ npm start

This command should open the preview on your main browser.

You can also acess it at : http://localhost:3000/

back-end repo available at :


View Github