An easy-to-use discord.js template!


  • Open your project directory in a command prompt or a terminal using cd command. Example: cd C:\MyUser\Desktop\MyProject or cd /home/usr/MyProject
  • Run this line of code to download DJS Template:
    • For windows:
curl | cmd
  • For mac/linux:
curl | sh


  • Uh, a device that can run node.js.
  • Node version >= 17.5.0

Need something?


Things which will be done in the feature etc. will be here.


  • Config parser
  • Error dump system
  • Making the slash command structure callable with parameter guild
  • Slash command base
  • Prefix command base
  • Reloading commands
  • Message applications
  • User applications
  • Auto command/slash/language reloader
  • Reloading config
  • Formatting command config lines
  • No crashing
  • Token hider
  • Custom event base
  • Create temporarily files instead of using eval
  • Do not update application commands on servers if structure hasn’t changed


  • Basic CLI
  • Command config formatter


  • Button helper
  • Reaction helper
  • Modal form helper
  • Embed helper
  • Whitelisting/blacklisting roles, permissions, channels, users
  • Cooldown helper
  • Async loops
  • Repeat function that returns repeat instance


  • Events
  • All helpers
  • Updating
  • Languages

Not sure

  • Make it so there will be CommandSession PrefixCommandSession SlashCommandSession EventSession which will have the arguments which command files can reach
  • more helpful functions?


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