Eleventy-Plugin Backlinks

Collect and display backlinks from your notes.

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Note: I’m not building this project for myself, so y’all gotta tell me what you think. Issues are the way to go here.


Add the plugin to your eleventy config, like so:

const eleventyBacklinks = require("eleventy-plugin-backlinks");

module.exports = function(eleventyConfig) {
    eleventyConfig.addPlugin(eleventyBacklinks, {
		folder: '/notes' // The folder with your notes

For every page in the given folder, you get a backlinks variable. By default, it contains an array, with the title (if set) and the url of each page.


  • folder (string) – The name of a folder which contains your notes. The default folder-name is “notes”.
  • getData (function) – Optionally, control which data will be passed to backlinks. The function receives a collection item, and is called for every relevant page.


All input is welcome; feel free to open an issue. Please remember to be a mensch. If you want to program, you can browse the issue list.


All source-code is provided under the terms of the MIT license. Copyright 2022 Binyamin Aron Green.


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