Current Tarkov Version (working)



  • Download and Install Visual Studio Code
  • Open the Directory (can be done in several ways)
  • Press F5 to Debug

Compiling to Windows EXE, Linux or MacOS

  • Open GitBash
  • Execute pkg .
  • Wait until JustEmuTarkov-win.exe, JustEmuTarkov-linux, JustEmuTarkov-macos appear


Zip the following folders & files

  • core (this is likely unwanted but pkg is not handling this correctly yet)
  • db
  • docs
  • node_modules
  • res
  • src
  • user
  • Server.exe

How to host this server to others (this may change soon)

  • Open port 7777 on your router
  • Open user/configs/server.json and change port value to 7777 (this can anything but this is a good easily memorable open one to use)
  • Open user/configs/server.json and change ip value to your internal IP (google to find out how to find it)
  • Open user/configs/server.json and change ip_backend value to your external IP (google to find out how to find it)
  • Run the Server
  • Provide your friends with your external IP address and port


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