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Directus Mailer 💬

An endpoint for sending emails with the Directus Nodemailer service.


  • Download or fork the repository
  • Install the requirements npm install
  • Build the extension npm run build
  • Create a folder in your directus endpoints folder named Mailer or an alternate route name.
  • Move the index.js build file to your new folder directus/extensions/endpoints/Mailer/index.js
  • Configure your email client in your .env file @email config.
  • Start your Directus instance npx directus start


Requests made by unauthenticated users will be rejected. Requests must be made with a cookie or bearer token unless guest sending is active.

Sending Notifications

An example POST request made to https://directusAppDomain/Mailer{or custom path}/ In this example we are sending a test message to two recipients.

  "subject": "How cool is Directus?",
  "to": ["[email protected]", "[email protected]"],
  "template": {
    "name": "default-template",

Liquid Templating 💧

You can build custom email templates with Liquid.js and add them to your extensions/templates folder to reference them as templates in your POST request. @email templating

If you’re unfamiliar with Liquid, data can be referenced in a template with this interpolation{{title}} @data variables

  "from": "[email protected]",
  "to": "*********@gmail.com",
  "subject": "This email was made with Handlebars",
	"template" : "alert",
	"data" : {
		"title": "Im a title!",
		"subtitle": "Im a subtitle!",
		"body": "Im the body!"

Attachments 📦

To add attachments in your email notification, include an array of attachment objects. @attachments

  "subject": "How cool is Directus?",
  "to": "[email protected]",
  "template": {
    "name": "default-template",
    "attachments": [
            "name": "image.png",
            "path": "./public/images/image.png"
            "name": "image_2.png",
            "path": "./public/images/image_2.png"

Environment Variables


Guest sending is intended for more convenient debugging with API clients, you should always set this to false when not debugging. 🚨


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