Axios, Cache, and Nock


This project provides an example of an Axios Http client using an in memory cache with Axios-Cache-Interceptor. It contains examples of tests that use Nock mocking framework for intercepting HTTP requests sent by the Axios client.

Packages on NPM:

Considerations on Axios Cache Interceptor and Nock

Axios Cache Interceptor is the most recent solution for client side caching when using Axios. Although it is not yet as a popular framework as Axios Cache Adaptor, it is the most active one with fast growing adoption.

Nock is currently the most popular mocking framework for intercepting HTTP requests and emulating interactions with a backend service. Its implementation is superior to alternative mocking framework such as AxiosMock and its interface easier to use when instrumenting calls to a backend service.

Run the tests

npm install
npm test


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