Lucid Proxy

An open-source proxy using the Ultraviolet backend by TN, Lucids purpose is to end internet censorship.

Self Host

Deploy to Heroku Run on Replit


  • CAPTCHA and hCAPTCHA support
  • URL encoding settings to further hide activity when using Lucid
  • Configuration all done on the client-side via service-workers
  • Speed in comparison to other web proxies that fully proxy content
  • Blacklist setting and more for easy hosting
  • Security in mind and leak prevention
  • Frequent updates to improve site support or fix security issues
  • About:Blank cloaking to prevent screen viewing
  • Invisible in your history to facilitate harder blocking
  • Tab Cloaking to cloak your tab as something else

Supported Sites

Technologies Used

  • Service Workers
  • HTML, JS, CSS rewriting
  • Parse5
  • TailwindCSS
  • Acorn.js

Installation and Setup

Installation of Lucid is simple. You can view the BASIC GUIDE below!

Basic Guide (Replit, Heroku, Glitch etc.)

$ git clone
$ npm install
$ node .
Configuration Options and Explanation
Prefix The prefix is the prefix that you want users to see. Ex: The default prefix is service.
Bare The bare server is the bare server that you want UV to use. Ex: The default bare is /bare/.

Authors & Contributors

  • Pyro (Owner/Founder of Astral Network)
  • Zeltux (Developer for Astral Network)
  • Illusions (Developer for Astral Network)
  • Arctiz (Community Manager for Astral Network)
  • Caracal.js (Creator of Ultraviolet)



Lucid is protected by DMCA


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