An interactive game developed for kids which can detect objects using Machine Learning

University Project Advisor: Dr. Shay Horovitz

Project Description:

FunLearn is an interactive and fun game developed for kids between ages 2-5 for the purpose of learning The application can detect diffirent types and names of diffirent categories using Tensorflow and machine learning

Technologies Used:

Machine Learning, Tensorflow, Python, Javascript, JQuery, NodeJS, Express, MySQL, HTML/CSS

Folder Description:

  • cards: cards for the game (pictures to print or copy to a device)
  • db: app database
  • app: app main files
  • model: includes the train model algorithm & the output models used in the application

To Run the application:

1- Open XAMPP MySQL Or MySQL Workbench 2- Import database from db folder 3- Open app folder in code editor 4- In terminal Run “npm start” 5- open browser (app default: localhost:3000)


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