Xenah Dev Portal

An internal web portal for managing developers and assigning them to projects.

Setting Up

Inside both the client and server folders, run

npm install

Running the app

To run either the client or server locally, run the following command from within the associated folder

npm start

Note that to point your local client to your local server you’ll need to change the BASE_URL variable in the client/src/utils/api.js file.

Deploying the app


We automatically deploy through GitHub Actions on any push or merge into the main branch. If you want to manually deploy from your system, run the following command

# From within the client folder
npm run deploy


Use git remote --v to make sure you have the heroku remote set up. If not, run the following command

git remote add heroku https://git.heroku.com/xenah-dev-portal.git

Once the heroku remote is set up, you can run the following to deploy the server code to production

git push heroku HEAD:master


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