An iOS scriptable widget which shows details of the Cowboy ebike such as battery level and geo location.



  • copy the whole script source code (raw content of cowboy-widget.js)
  • open the Scriptable app on your device
  • click the “+” button on the upper right and paste the script code
  • click on the title and choose a name (e.g. cowboy-widget)
  • save the script and click “Done” on the upper left
  • on your iOS Homescreen push long to get into “wiggle mode”
  • push the “+” button on the upper left, navigate to “Scriptable” in the list, choose the first widget size (small) and push “add widget”
  • tap the widget in order to set it up (or tap it long in case you already left wiggle mode)
  • as a script, choose the one you saved earlier (cowboy-widget)
  • as widget parameter, insert your cowboy username, a semicolon (;) and your password: [email protected];password

Optional: if you want the widget to unlock your bike once you tap it, install this Siri shortcut: Download


Many thanks to @simonbs who builds fantastic apps like Scriptable. Thanks to Samuel Dumont who built a Cowboy home assistant plugin and reverse engineered the api calls from the official Cowboy app.


I have no affiliation with Cowboy and built this just for fun on my free time. This is not an official product.


21.07.2022, 21:01

  • initial release


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