Hi there !
It’s my first post on github, and I’m releasing a free edited base with esx-legacy 1.5 compatible and made for Quasar Inventory.

How can I install it ?

–> Download :

–> Setup :

  • config the server.cfg file, install the artifact, drop the inventory asset and progressbar somewhere in /resources .
  • start xampp and create your database(utf8_general_ci), import legacy.sql and then inventory sql.
  • Config anything else you would like to change.

–> Run it:

  • try to run the server, be patient the first time and check if there are any errors..
  • and enjoy ! 🙂

What changed from esx-legacy ?

->> Voice and Database :

  • esx_voice replaced by pma-voice.
  • oxmysql updated to 2.1.0. (if you use quasar-smartphone, you won’t need to update it.)

->> es_extended :

  • disabled inventory, moved to licence and paycheck changed.
  • some client and server function edited.
  • Duplicate commands have been removed, and the others were edited to work with inventory.

->> esx_statut :

->> esx_basicneeds :

->> esx_ambulancejob :

  • removeItemsAfterRPDeath has been edited to be compatible with qs-core. (only works if you setted it on in the job config)

->> esx_policejob :

  • OpenBodySearchMenu function has beed edited too. you can open an inventory in the menu instead of using native ‘steal’ option.

->> esx_property :

  • OpenRoomInventoryMenu function has been edited, now you can open it from the menu.

(If you want, you can type ‘Quasar’ in vscode and you will find all modifications.)

That’s all ! basically nothing more than what Quasar recommended to modify on his documentation.
This edit of es_extended is nothing than a little nudge to help you to launch your first server with the inventory.
As mentioned before I’m not selling anything ! I only wanted to share my personal pre-base because I received a few messages on discord of people having troubles with the installation of 1.5 esx-legacy and I wanted to help them by sharing these files. Hope you enjoy !

If you want to know more about the esx framework on fivem, this is the github :

If you want to purchase Quasar Inventory or just want to know more about it :

Thanks for reading 🙂


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