Pass JWT to Resolver with Context (Server-side)

In this demo, you will verify if a token is valid and carry


  • Run npm install and npm run seed to set up the database.

  • Open server.js and explain the following:

    • We can add another option to our Apollo Server configuration called context, which is a lot like middleware in Express.

    • This will allow us to intercept any request to the server and check if there’s a valid JWT before the request gets to the resolver.

  • Open auth.js and explain the authMiddleware function:

    • Whenever we make a request to our server, we will check if there’s a token with the request and attempt to verify and decode it if there is.

    • We use the return statement to return the req object, either modified with user data or not modified at all, and the request will continue to go to its intended resolver function.

  • Open resolvers.js and explain the following:

    • Any time we need to implement authentication on a query or mutation, we can add a third parameter called context to the resolver function.

    • The context object is whatever has been returned from our authMiddleware function, so it may or may not include a user property depending on the status of the JSON Web Token.

    • If there is a user property, we can assume the user’s token has been verified and the user property now holds data about the user that we stored in the token itself.


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