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Documentation License: MIT License

An open source Kafka server to test your monitoring tool

🚀 Features

  • A simple Producer and Consumer built with Kafka.js

  • Prometheus exporter for Kafka.js to access metrics

  • Containerized for easy deployment with Docker

🚀 Table of Contents

🚀 Installation

  • To downlaod our application, please run the following commands in the respective order:

npm install
docker compose up
  • To start your Producer and Consumer, open up two terminals and enter the following pairs of commands separately:

cd components
node producer.js 

cd components
node consumer.js
  • To see the metrics on Prometheus, enter localhost:9090 on your browser and execute the query for the desired metrics.

  • We have a real-time monitoring tool for Kafka servers–click here.

🚀 Engineering Team

🚀 Guide to Contribution

Contributions, issues and feature requests are welcome!Feel free to fork and clone this repo, and check issues page.

🚀 Thank You for Your Support

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📝 License

Copyright © 2022 Kafkanauts. This project is MIT License licensed.


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