This is meant to be an open source self hosted version of the official bundesliga fantasy.


Download this git repository by running

git clone

Build the docker container in the development folder by running

docker build development/. -t lukasdotcom/bundesliga:development

Edit the docker-compose file in the development folder folowing the steps indicated in the file and then run it by running

docker-compose up

When you are done editing run this command and fix all the errors

npm run lint

How to get Bundesliga Api

Make an account on and make an account and then look at your cookies and one of the cookies is called acess_token and that is the api key for bundesliga


Currently the goals are just to get feauture parity with the official bundesliga fantasy.


This is currently in active development and not meant to be used in production yet(It is also pretty useless right now because the bundeslia season has not started yet)


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