Scratch Project Archive

An unofficial archive of Scratch projects.

Due to a PR that removes the ability to view unshared projects, some avid users had the idea to archive as many old projects as possible to preserve Scratch’s community history.

Opening projects

The files all are archived with the .sb3 extension.

Some projects may not import into Scratch correctly. If Scratch fails to import a project, you can attempt to switch the file extension to either .sb2 or .sb, or try using Turbowarp. If it still doesn’t work, create an issue.


Steps to contribute

1. Fork this repository 2. Create a new directory named scratch-project-archive on your PC 3. Create another direcory, inside scratch-project-archive named projects 4. Create a new file in scratch-project-archive named index.js 5. Go to the index.js file in this repsitory and copy the contents to your index.js file 6. Change the startId and endId varibles in your index.js file 7. Ensure Node.JS and NPM are installed and up to date 8. Start the script by navigating to scratch-project-archive and entering node index.js in a terminal 9. Wait and get a cup of Java (Feel free to leave this running in the background. It takes a lot of time, not a lot of resources.) 10. Upload the files from your projects folder to your fork (GitHub file limits are a pain) 11. Make a Pull Request

Huge thanks to all contributers!

Future Plans

The project files will be uploaded to The Internet Archive, and possibly other archiving services (create an issue to suggest).

Special Thanks

@micahlt Turbowarp (Git)


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