Ray.so API / Library 🎉✨


This is an unofficial Node API for ray.so that turns your code into beautiful images. Get all the features you need from ray.so without actually going there.


You can find the Documentation with examples here: rayso.js


$ npm i rayso.js


const RaySo = require('rayso.js');
const raySo = new RaySo({
	// parameters, if you want to customize the output
	// you'll find detailed info about parameters below

	.create(`console.log('Hello, World!');`)
	.then((response) => {
		// response is image buffer
	.catch((err) => {

👮‍♂️ Attention! The API will not work if you don’t have any kind of Chrome browser (Chromium). So if your chrome browser is installed in a different directory, make sure to set your full local path to chrome.exe in broswerPath parameter (or any other execution file of the browser based on Chromium).

const RaySo = require('rayso.js');
const raySo = new RaySo({
	// The default path in the API is C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe
	// If your browser located somewhere else, specify it in browserPath parameter.
	// If it's the same as default one, just don't pass this parameter.
	browserPath: '...your path',


Parameter Default value Type Description
title "Untitled-1" String The title that will be displayed on top of the code box.
theme "breeze" String There are several options of how your box will look like. Available themes: breeze, candy, crimson, falcon, meadow, midnight, raindrop, sunset
background true Boolean If disabled, it will create an image of code box only, without background.
darkMode true Boolean If disabled, it will change your theme to its light version.
padding 32 String or Number Distance between borders and code box. Available values: 16, 32, 64 and 128.
language "auto" String You better leave it auto :/ However, you can try to pass some language name and if it worked, good for you!
localPreview false Boolean If enabled, it will create example.png image file of the output in the current directory.
browserPath "C:\Program Files\ Google\Chrome\Application \chrome.exe" String Local path to the browser (Chrome). You can leave it, if it’s your home PC and you have Chrome installed.
debug false Boolean If enabled, it will show messages in the console during code execution.

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