API implementation for the TERA Online retail server (patch 92/100) on Node.js. The API consists of two independent servers running on different ports (for the needs of the portal/launcher, and separately for the needs of the Arbiter server).


  • Node.js v18.1.0
  • MySQL Server v5.7.38


  1. Install latest node.js from https://nodejs.org/.
  2. Copy the all tera-api files to any directory (e.g. c:\tera-api).
  3. Open windows console and go to directory (type cd c:\tera-api).
  4. Run the npm install for install required node modules.
  5. Copy or rename the .env.example file to .env.
  6. Configure the parameters in the .env file.
  7. Impport the database structure to your MySQL server.
  8. Execute the node src/app command, or run the file tera-api.bat to start API servers.


The account database structure used differs from that used in the leaked retail version of the server. The supported database structure is located in the share folder.

Arbiter API

It is intended for processing internal requests from the Arbiter Server, such as checking a token, receiving events about the character’s behavior, etc. This API must be binded only on a local IP address and must not be accessed by external users!

Portal API

This API is a web server intended for the Launcher (portal). This API must be available from the outside (proxied by Nginx or binded on external IP) for use by server users: registration, authorization, login, update routines etc. Also, this API allows to process static elements (directory public).

API Endpoints

Arbiter Server API

Method Endpoint Description
GET /systemApi/RequestAPIServerStatusAvailable API status request.
POST /authApi/GameAuthenticationLogin Authorization request via Arbiter server.
GET /api/ServiceTest API and database status request.
POST /api/GetUserInfo User information event.
POST /api/EnterGame Game enter event.
POST /api/LeaveGame Game leave event.
POST /api/CreateChar Character creation event.
POST /api/ModifyChar Character modify event.
POST /api/DeleteChar Character delete event.
POST /api/UseChronoScroll VIP item usage event.
POST /api/report_cheater The event of sending a cheater report.

Portal/Launcher API

Method Endpoint Description
GET /tera/ServerList?lang=%lang Server List request.
GET /tera/LauncherMaintenanceStatus Request server maintenance Status.
GET /tera/LauncherMain Get Launcher main HTML page.
GET /tera/LauncherLoginForm Get Launcher login HTML page (login form).
GET /tera/LauncherSignupForm Get Launcher registration HTML page (registration form).
POST /tera/LauncherLoginAction Authorization request via Launcher.
POST /tera/LauncherSignupAction Registration request via Launcher.
POST /tera/GetAccountInfoByUserNo User data request.


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