apidoc to docx

generate apidoc data

Use node’s apidoc tool to generate JSON data

Use the apidoc-markdown tool to generate markdown files



  • generate interface comments

     * @api {get} /goods 获取物品列表
     * @apiName 获取物品列表
     * @apiGroup 物品
     * @apiSuccess  {Object[]} goods 物品列表
     * @apiSuccess {String} goods.name 物品名称
     * @apiSuccess {Number} goods.size 物品大小
     * @apiSuccessExample {json}  响应示例:
     * [{"name": "铅笔", "size": 1},{"name": "流星", "size": 9999999999}]
    function get_goods()


  • generate apidoc

    cd data/
    apidoc -i project/ -o apidoc/
    # You can also use the optional -f to specify the interface file
    apidoc -f project/good.php -o apidoc/

    You can access it through a browser, provided you provide an HTTP service to the generated directory

    If you have PHP environment, you can use php -S ip:port to start a HTTP service


  • generate markdown

    Apidoc-markdown will help you generate markdown files

    cd data/
    # Use optional -p to specify apidoc directory
    apidoc-markdown -p apidoc/ -o doc.md


  • most importantly

    If you want to set the project information, you need to add an apidoc.json file

      "name": "project name",
      "version": "project version",
      "description": "project description",
      "url": "project prefix url"


Generate docx based on apidoc

Some Markdown programs can export to PDF or Word, but these programs can be slow and invisible

So this tool helps you generate docx files and has a progress bar that looks good, so let’s see how it works!

  • Please use python3

  • Install requirements

    pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  • generate docx

    python3 main.py -p=data/apidoc/api_project.json -d=data/apidoc/api_data.json -o=data/

    Bingo, now you can get a docx file~


    And, isn’t this progress bar nice?


    I’ll go first. It’s so comfortable


Maybe I should wrap python-docx~


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