Simple Email-Registering-System

Introduction :

Hi! I’m a begineer full-stack web developer , I loves to make a website that is interactive, responsive and just simple design of the web so that the user can navigate through the web easily.

Purpose :

I just want to put my simple program using Node.js that I’m currently creating in this repository so I can track the progression I’ve made with the program and watching the progression I’ve made to learn Node.js along with flexing what I’ve done with this program.

More information about this project :

Currently source I used to learn making this program along with learning more about Node.js as a starter:

You can help me improving my small project I’ve created by sending me pull request to this repository, and please use an understandable commit messages to help me understand what you’re trying to change in my project.

Some keyword you can use:

  • revise = some of my code is ineficient or even wrong at some point, so you changed it.
    How to use:
revise: "your commit"
  • add = you added a new feature/code in my application
    How to use:
add: "your commit"
  • new = you added a new file for my application
    How to use:
new: "your commit"
  • del = you removed an unused code
    How to use:
del: "your commit"


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