⚙️ HamroShare : Batch IPO Applier

HamroShare is a minimal web-application that lets you apply for IPOs from multiple meroshare accounts at once.

Note: This programe was made with intention of learning more of ReactJS . I am not a professional ReactJS Dev . Saying that , i hope i am not bullied for my way of code.😔





Is it Safe ?

Yes it is safe from the Account Stealing Aspect , but i don’t know whats the CDSC’s tos isfor the use of such Automation Software. Code is open-source , you can look at it yourself , build it yourself if you dont trust the existing build.

Are there any spooky backend API Linked With It ?

Trust me Broo, Everything Happens within a Client’s Browser . Nothing Spooky.

How is it bypassing cors without using a Backend Proxy ?

Yeah for web api there was a cors issue , but i later switched to Meroshare’s Mobile Application API .


  • Runs on Web Browser
  • Nothing Fishy , Everything’s stored in Client Side (No Backend)
  • User Friendly
  • Automatic Batch Apply

Run Locally

Clone the project

  git clone https://github.com/dineshtiwari69/HamroShare

Go to the project directory

  cd HamroShare

Install dependencies

  yarn install

Start the server

  yarn start


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