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J.A.R.V.I.S is a Artificial intelligence React news website using Alan AI. In this website you can talk with Jarvis and get information. It’s AI speech recognition software that allows us to add voice capabilities to our website. It allows us to control absolutely everything in the website using our voice.

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Tech stack used

React and Alan AI


NewsApi, CoinDesk api


Jarvis is a news website for responsing correctly you can ask following commands:

Commands :

  • For casual talk you can say: “what is your name?” , “Where you live”, “My name is {YOUR_NAME}” ..etc.
  • For News you can say :
  • “Give me the news from {SOURCE}” : SOURCE-could be like “BBC news”, “ABC news”, “CNN news”, “Buzzfeed”… etc.
  • “What’s up with {TERM}” : TERM-could be anything “Elon Musk”, “Bitcoin price”, or anything you want.
  • “Show the latest news about {CATEGORY}” : CATEGORY-could be ‘business’, ‘entertainment’, ‘general’, ‘health’, ‘science’, ‘sports’, ‘technology’.
  • for calulation : “calculate a (plus/divide/minus/multiply) b”


  • It can read articles for that you only say “yes” when jarvis ask you.
  • You also say “Open article number {NUMBER}.” it open article in new tab.
  • You can say “back” in search page and it back you in home screen.


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