ASCII Cartoon Character for terminal 👨‍💻

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You must have heard of cowsay 🐮. But why remain restricted only to cow?

Here we have collections of famous cartoon and characters that repeats the phrase ready to be used in terminal and your javascript projects.

About The Project

This is an ASCII characters collection that you can use on your terminal.

screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot


Install globally in your terminal

Make sure you have npm installed in your system

npm --version

Install the package

npm install -g phraze

Check the installation

phraze --version

Finally use it anywhere

phraze "Hello Guys"
phraze "Hello Guys" homer
echo "Hello Guys" | phraze

For full command usage see and to view all available characters –

phraze --help

Import in your javascript project

First install in your local project

npm install phraze --save

Import the package

import { phraze } from 'phraze';

Use the function

phraze("Your message here!",'pup');

Function :-

phraze(<type your message here>,<character name here>)


Want to publish your own ASCII art here for public usage?

Look in for full detail.


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