A authentication system made with NodeJS. It’s a service where you can register your user, then use the credentials to login .

What I used in this project

  • NodeJS
  • MongoDB
  • bcrypt
  • Express
  • bodyParser
  • Mongoose
  • dotEnv

What I learned doing this project

  • Express – I improved my knowledge with express routes and with receiving specific data from users.

  • Mongoose – I’ve learned how to store specific data in the MongoDB database, such as HASH encrypted passwords

  • JavaScript – Improved my development speed as I learned many new things and practiced the syntax

  • bcrypt – I’ve learned how to encrypt data, especially passwords, how to decrypt them and how to compare encrypted and non-encrypted data, all that with the hash system.

  • dotEnv – I’ve learned how to hide important data from the user, improving the safety of the program itself.


  • While doing this project I have learned inumerous new technologies, such as encrypting data and the auth system itself, wich will help me with future projects and my career , in general.


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