Video to Reels

This project aims to automate the process of converting a video file to a Instagram Reels ready format using FFMpeg, Imagemagick, Tensorflow and more.



To run this script you need to install locally on your machine the following dependencies:


  1. Open detect-face folder and run npm install;
  2. Save a horizontal video inside the origins folder;
  3. Change the value of videoFile variable inside convert.mjs;
  4. Run zx convert.mjs in the root folder to start conversion;
  5. Done! The output file will be stored as output.mp4 on root folder;


  • Rotate
  • Resize
  • Color filter
  • Audio normalization
  • Remove background noises
  • Add Instagram question overlay
  • Position video by face
  • Cut video when not talking
  • Subtitles


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