Automation for creating markdown files for 100 Days of Productivity challenge.

NPM version

This started as a challenge initially inspired by Alexander Kallaway‘s 100-Days-of-Code. More info about our own challenge can be found here

How to:


  • Using our template repository
    • generate from template by simply clicking the generate button in here.
    • clone and go to your generated repository.
    • $ git clone
    • then install
    • $ npm install
  • Or manually, if you already have your own repository
    • install @erutidians/auto-dop
    • $ npm install @erutidians/auto-dop
    • make sure you have this line to your package.json
    • "type": "module"
    • you can compare your package.json to our package.json from our template repository if you encounter some problems.

Use (Commands)

  • creates today
    $ node index.js
  • creates yesterday’s
    $ node index.js prev
  • creates tomorrow’s
    $ node index.js next

Make a Suggestion

Suggestions and feedbacks through Issues and Discussions are always welcome! However, make sure to follow

Make a Contribution

Contributions through Pull Requests are always welcome! However, make sure to follow


Note: if you want to add yourself here in the list, fork this repository and submit a PR and wait for it to be reviewed and merged. More details can be found at so make sure to follow that or else your PR will be immediately closed.

auto-dop has been used by these amazing challengers, check out their glorious journeys:


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