Kasada Dissembler

A simple kasada dissembler which is capable of tracing through and executing every single opcode in kasada’s bytecode and then logging it into a call stack replacing each with a human readable instruction label along with the parameters, registers or decode calls it accesses.

The code is a heavily modified version of kasada’s virtual machine interpreter with most of the junk code and obfuscation removed, it isn’t meant to be a full deobfuscator but a tool to aid with reverse engineering the virtual machine / to make writing a full bytecode to javascript decompiler a bit easier.


  • Full mapping of every single opcode into a human readable instruction
  • Full parameter coverage for all instructions, including if the value was retrieved from a register or decoded from the bytecode
  • Simplified binary obfuscations in helper functions
  • Removed junk code

Explanation of Trace

  • Offset : Location of specified opcode
  • Decode_Op : Means the value was retrieved from decoding a part of the opcode
  • Store_Reg : The register which the value is being stored to
  • Register : The register that was used to fetch the argument value


  1. Open a chrome incognitio window
  2. Run the dissembler.js script in console

It will provide you a full trace of every single opcode executed along with the parameter details and offset location.



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