Basic Sample Hardhat Project

This project demonstrates a basic Hardhat use case. It comes with a sample contract, a test for that contract, a sample script that deploys that contract, and an example of a task implementation, which simply lists the available accounts.

/contracts: it has all the solidity contracts
/scripts: contains the deploying script
/test:  contains the test-script

Creating a Hardhat Project

Run the below commands

mkdir my-wave-portal
cd my-wave-portal
npm init -y
npm install --save-dev hardhat

Choose the option to create a sample project. Say yes to everything.

Cool, now we should have Hardhat. Let’s get a sample project going. Run:

npx hardhat
npx hardhat accounts #will list out all the accounts

Compile the project

Run the below commands

npx hardhat compile
npx hardhat test


Run the contract with the scripts in /scripts

Run the below commands

npx hardhat run scripts/run.js


Deploy the contract locally

Note: hardhat always creates a new ethereum blockchain and destroys it once the script is complete and it does this for every contracs. Its good as its like refereshing the server which helps in debugging the errors fast

Head to your terminal and create a new window. In this window, cd back to your my-wave-portal project. Then, in here go ahead and run

npx hardhat node

Open another terminal and run

npx hardhat run scripts/deploy.js --network localhost


Check the terminal

Check the first terminal where we created the local blockchain

What’s Next?

We will be using ReactJs to deploy it for the users to use


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