Bee Sender v2-ERC20 Token Airdrop Multi Sender.Packer your multi transfer in one transaction and save your cost. Current support Blockchain network: Ethereum,Binance,Huobi,Fantom,Polygon and Ropsten testnetwork.

eth bnb ftm matic

V2 add features: 1.Sending tokens with decimal points is now supported,like:1.01,2.3,33 is accept. 2.Supports importing addresses and sending quantities using CSV files. 3.If you want to fork Bee Sender to earn cryptocurrency, version 2 removes the fee limit, and now you can customize the user fee. High or low is up to you. 4.upgrade GUI. 5.add Ethereum network.

Send addresses once: 1-500


Need Earn cryptocurrency?

Open js/config.js Change the address to your own address,customize fee you will recieve.

Deploy to github page

or you can download source ,and put any web server.then start earn cryptocurrency!

You can deployed this source to any server and change the brand name without my approve.


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