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Berowra - An open source CMS that you'll finally enjoy | Product Hunt

With Berowra you can get a CMS up in a minute, not a day. Through Deta Space, Berowra gives you the control of self hosting without any need for infrastructure maintenance. It’s easy to use, flexible and completely free. Berowra was built during Deta VC.

Berowra has the following features:

  • Build collections of content pieces
  • Use multiple field types in your content pieces
  • Upload files and host them on Deta Base
  • Fetch your content with a great API

The Publishing Process

Create A New Collection Add The Template
Create A New Item Fill In The Template

Then you can write:

let posts = await fetch("https://berowra.deta.dev/api/collection/e0qgx9nelbms").then(r => r.json()


This project is built with Python & Flask with Tailwind CSS for styling.

To run it, first create a project and find your project ID from the Settings page. Then set that value as your DETA_PROJECT_KEY in your .env. You can now run the web app with python3 main.py.

If you plan to make changes to the styles, first run:

npx tailwindcss -o static/tailwind-dev.css

This will make a version of Tailwind with all the styles. Then when you plan to push run:

NODE_ENV=production npx tailwindcss -o static/tailwind.css --minify  

Now, you’re all set to get coding!

If you are looking for the landing page, check out sampoder/berowra-landing.

If you need help or locate a bug please open a GitHub Issue here.


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