BestSpark687090’s Visual Studio Code Projects

Hello! I am BestSpark687090 and these are my projects!

Some examples of my projects are:

  • 2 Discord Bots with the help of Discord.JS
  • A Minecraft Bedrock Edition manifest.json Maker
  • A TON of randomly named items
  • A full on Clicker Game!

Note: The clicker game was made IN SCHOOL. It was made for no reason other than: “I want to make a clicker game,but i have no ideas so i’ll ask one of my friends for ideas and keep them updated on how it goes.”

  • And a LOT more!

Oh, and one time, I made Hello World with an array..

  • And that’s about all of them!

If you see any folders with a .sln file, that was when I installed Visual Studio, not Visual Studio Code, so those ones are outdated in my opinion.

Thanks for reading this!

Have a GREAT day!


console.log("Thanks for reading all the way to down here! Or maybe you didn't.")
console.log("PS: I thought that CSS would work, but fsr it only works on Live Preview lol")


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