Blog template to use Google Docs as article editor.


Set up

  1. Create a new repository from Use this template button above with Include all branches option.
  2. Set up service account and OIDC settings on Google Cloud Platform.
  3. Create a folder on Google Drive and share it with the account.
  4. Set secrets on your GitHub repository.

I prepared a simple shell script that creates the necessary GCP resources for OIDC settings by using cloud command. Fill in some required variables and then run this script.

Write articles

Once set up, the documents in the folder will be periodically synced as articles.

Note that there is a restriction on the document file name,which must be in the format like “YYYY-MM-DD-slug” (e.g. “2022-05-05-foo-bar”).This file name will be used for the article URL and the published date.


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