Blogging Website using pure HTML, CSS and JS.

This project is a mini version of a working blogging website. This project is done by using only HTML, CSS and JS. This is a node.js app. And using firebase as its databse. Features of this Site :-

  1. Dynamic Blog pages.
  2. Have a dedicated editor for blogs.
  3. You can add/make as many blogs you want.
  4. You can add Headings, paragraphs, and Images to the blog post.
  5. Have read more blogs section also.

You can checkout it coding tutorial here.

Installation Guide.

Once you forked this repo. Make sure to run npm install command inside the folder to install all the package.

After installing packages. You must go to your firbase console and make a project. Copy project credentials and paste it to “firebase.js” file. Otherwise you’ll not be able to access database.


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