Boilerplate app for full-stack MERN app with Create React App client tool chain. Includes React, JWT authentication, Mongoose/MongoDB, Apollo Server/Client, and ExpressJS.

Getting Started

  • Add a .env file to server directory to run locally. Use server/.env.example as a template.

  • npm start script: Production startup. Only runs backend server.

  • npm run develop script: Uses concurrently to run the back-end with nodemon and launches the create-react-app development server for front-end development. concurrently runs these within the same terminal. Logging is tagged with [server] or [client].

  • npm run client script: Launches the create-react-app development server for the client only. Will not start back-end.

  • npm run server script: Starts the back-end server with nodemon for easy development without launching the client.

  • The npm install script: Installs all dependencies for root as wells as client and server.

  • The npm run build script: Runs create-react-app build script to create client bundles and assets.

Deploying to Heroku

  • Requires a MongoDB server. MongoDB Atlas is a fairly easy choice for this requirement. Create an Atlas account and setup a database.

  • Add the following values to the Heroku config for the app:

    • SECRET – used for signing and verifying tokens
    • TOKEN_EXP – duration before token expires in milliseconds or a string describing a time span. (zeit/ms)
    • MONGODB_URI – used for connecting to MongoDB service
  • Push your code to GitHub

  • Connect your Heroku app with GitHub or push code directly to Heroku. (See Deploying Node.js Apps on Heroku)

Apollo Server

This project uses apollo-server-express v 3.x which means GraphQL Playground (deprecated) is not included. Instead, Apollo Server 3 uses Apollo Studio as a development tool for building your api. If you would like to use GraphQL Playground, refer to this guide to enable the tool.

Create React App

The client for this project is built with the create-react-app tool chain. The README file generated by create-react-app has been preserved. See client/ for details about the tools.


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