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*Check out the big brain on Brett! You’re a smart motherfvcker, that’s right.*

— Pulp fiction


Use your brain power to the max! This crypto brain wallet combines both visual and language memory of your beautiful brain. First you draw 8×8 pixel art image, then encrypt it with your regular difficult-to-forget password. This way you are getting MORE entropy on every brain cell spent in the process.

Live demo:


- DON'T USE THIS WALLET YET! It's unfinished, so the exact algo can change.


Clone the repo, run npm run start.

How to use

super brain walkthrough

  1. Go to the app: https://localhost:8888
  2. Disable the network. Turn off your router to be sure!
  3. Draw the damn image. Be fvcking creative, black square won’t cut it. Don’t forget to remember it really good.
  4. Use your go-to password. Or any good password, really.
  5. Press GENERATE button.
  6. Feed the seed phrase to your hardware wallet (Ledger, Trezor, you know it…)
  7. Go to a local martial art class, coz YOU ARE THE WALLET NOW.


  • 8×8 Image with 4 bits per pixel (total 256 bits).
  • Classic Apple II Palette.
  • The image XORed with sha-256 hash of the password.
  • Built with Svelte
  • Simple AF


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