🛍️ ReactJS Furniture Web Shop

 📝 Disclaimer: The project is on development, some features might not perform functionally at expected. We are trying to complete all functionalities and features as soon as possible.

🏗️ Build a Furniture Shop Web UI using primarily ReactJS Frameworks and additional libraries like Redux & SASS

Main contents: 🔍 Main concept, 📕 User manual, 💁‍♂️ Contributors

🔍 Main concept

💻 📽️ Demo Website


🖼️ User Interface

Home view

Hero Slider & Policy Card

Products Interface


Products Page

Contact & About us

Note: The process for these 2 pages is still on development.

Cart Page When cart is empty

When users add products to Cart

Products Descriptions (when users click on a product)

📕 User manual

1. Going through the Github link of this project:

a. Copy the link in the section below by and open Command Prompt or Terminal of any available IDEs like Visual Studio Code for instance.

b. Clone this repo by typing: git clone https://github.com/tduongtad1304/furniture_shop_uda.git

c. After cloning succesfully, for VSCode instance, just open it by typing: code .

d. 📽️ Demo Usage:


2. ⚒️ Project Configuration:

a. Install all the needed dependencies by typing in the terminal: npm install

b. After installing successfully folder node_modules, creating a new terminal and run this project by typing: npm start. It will apppear on the browser with the default setting PORT = 3000 localhost:3000/

3. 🏢 Build this project:

Using command: npm build for building the project (if needed). We recommend using this command in the future when we finally finish this project.

💁‍♂️ Contributors:

We are glad to contribute with other peoples with this project.

@tduongtad1304 @Scallets @thanhtrung265 @ngannt01 @vankiet2001



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