Check if a url is a known route to a next.js application ahead of time.

Use Case

Why do you need this? Next does not offer a way to know if a url matches a known route with the application. The only way to do it out the box is to try and preload the route, which is wasteful & only works on the client.

  • Understanding internal vs external links during render or elsewhere in your application (like utils)
  • SEO – no follow links to external sources.
  • Any feature that requires a page manifest lookup.
  • Dynamic navigation and route expressions matching.

No third party dependencies, this is all made possible by using internal parts of next router.


In _app add the following and return it from getInitialProps

import { getRouteManifest, isKnownRoute } from 'next-known-route'

const MyApp = ()=>{
    const internalRoute = isKnownRoute('/') // or whatever path you want to check aganst. Returns true|false
    return (<main/>)

MyApp.getInitialProps = async (appContext) => {
    const appProps = await App.getInitialProps(appContext);

    const props = {
        knownRoutes: getRouteManifest()  // returns ['/_app','/','/[...slug]']
    return props


  • Works on server and client
  • No external libraries needed, only 50 LOC
  • getRouteManifest accepts an array of additional path expressions to match against.

Contributions are welcome.


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