⭐ » What is that?

EN: This package will check that the URL is an invitation to the Discord server. PL: Ten moduł sprawdzi, czy adres URL jest zaproszeniem na serwer Discord.

✨ » How to install?

$ npm install is-discord-invite

📝 » Examples

const isDscInvite = require('is-discord-invite');

console.log(isDscInvite('https://discord.gg/example025')); // true
console.log(isDscInvite('https://example.com/url')); // false

const url = 'https://discord.gg/example064';

if (isDscInvite(url)) {
    interaction.reply('\\✅ This is an invitation!');
} else {
    interaction.reply('\\❎ This is not an invitation.');

🤝 » Help

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