Update Browserslist DB

Browserslist logo by Anton Lovchikov

CLI tool to update caniuse-lite with browsers DB from Browserslist config.

Some queries like last 2 version or >1% depends on actual data from caniuse-lite.

Sponsored by Evil Martians

Why You Need to Call it Regularly

npx [email protected] updates caniuse-lite version in your npm, yarn or pnpm lock file.

This update will bring data about new browsers to polyfills tools like Autoprefixer or Babel and reduce already unnecessary polyfills.

You need to do it regularly for three reasons:

  1. To use the latest browser’s versions and statistics in queries like last 2 versions or >1%. For example, if you created your project 2 years ago and did not update your dependencies, last 1 version will return 2 year old browsers.
  2. Actual browsers data will lead to using less polyfills. It will reduce size of JS and CSS files and improve website performance.
  3. caniuse-lite deduplication: to synchronize version in different tools.


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