Clyde is a chatbot – CLI build using JavaScript

  • Clone the project: git clone

  • Change directory to the project: cd clyde-chatbot-cli

  • Install dependencies: npm install

  • Run the project: npm start



  • Importing all the libraries.

  • Clearing the console and setting up the environment variables.

  • Some animation for the first 4 seconds before starting.

  • Taking the url from env and if for some reason it doesnt exist, read from a text file env.txt .

  • Making an async function to fetch chatbot reponse from the API.


  • Using the inquirer module to ask the user for the input.

If you dont have an apikey get it from here

Put it in the .env file like


or in the env.txt file like


A sample url would look like this{brainid}&key={apikey}&uid={uid}&msg=

You will get the values of brainid , apikey and uid from the above website.

Replace it with the sample url. (Dont use the curly braces).

The url they provide will end with a =[msg] . So make sure to remove it as we are appending it from user input.

💡 Idea by: Aadhu


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