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CMD Team Creator is a browser based matching application, build with HTML/CSS/JS and Node.js to help teachers of CMD create well-balanced project teams based on skills of students.

With help of this application, teachers do not have to spend time and energy on creating teams and worrying whether or not skill levels of students will match. In addition, students no longer have to worry about their upcoming project team, knowing their team will be fair and balanced.

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(Even though the web application has mostly been build from a teacher’s point of view, in the future I would like this app to become sort of like a community app for the entirety of CMD.)

⚡ Quickstart

If you want to start working with on PTC, and you have cloned this repo to your desktop, go to its root directory and run npm install to install its dependencies.

Now that we are all on the same page, it is time to connect a database to your project. In the config folder you will find a file called db.js. This is where you establish the connection with our dev database. In order to establish the connection, you need a .env file in the root of your project. Your .env file should then (at least for the database connection) contain the following information:

DB_USER= your database user
DB_NAME= teamcreator-db
DB_PASS= your database password

As of now, we do not have a base JSON file with dummy data you could import into your database, but we’re working on it 😉. That’s why we have a dev database. To gain access to this database, please get in touch with the creator.

Now that you’re ready to really get started, you can run the application with or without nodemon.

Running the application ‘normally’

npm start

Running the application with nodemon

npm run start:dev

Both these prompts will give you access via localhost:3000/roberrrt-s/courses (yes, we are using one of our teachers as dummy data). And That’s it! Have any trouble? Feel free to let us know by submitting an issue. (no e-mail yet 😛)

👀 Usage (code examples)

Listed below are some of the common examples with our very own CRUD operations.

createDoc(schema, object)

Running this operation will save a new object (or also known as document in MongoDb) inside the specified collection based on it’s schema and then return said object.

const CRUD = require('./controller/crud-operations');
CRUD.createDoc(schemas.Course, { title: "Project Tech" });

createMultipleDocs(schema, objects)

Running this operation will save multiple objects inside the specified collection based on it’s schema

const CRUD = require('./controller/crud-operations');
CRUD.createMultipleDocs(schemas.Course, [{title: "Front-end Development"}, {title: "Project Tech"}]);

findDocByQuery(schema, property, equalTo)

Running this operation will find and then return a document based on which property it should be equal to.

const CRUD = require('./controller/crud-operations');
CRUD.findDocByQuery(schema.Course, "title", "Project Tech");

addIdReferenceToDoc(schemaToFind, docIds, referenceSchemas, referenceIds)

This operation is mostly used to update other documents with reference ids. So, running this operation will allow you to find a specific document with docIds inside a collection or schema with schemaToFind. You also have to specify which attribute of this specific document you want to insert data into with referenceSchemas. Lastly, you specify which referenceIds you are inserting into the referenceSchemas.

const CRUD = require('./controller/crud-operations');
CRUD.findDocByQuery(schemas.User, "username", "stinky").then((user) => {
  CRUD.findDocByQuery(schemas.Class, "name", "Tech-2").then((course) => {
    CRUD.addIdReferenceToDoc(schemas.Class, course._id, "students", user._id);


Running this function will create an acronym with the first two letters of the provied string

const acronymGen = require('./public/js/acronym-generator');
let acronym = acronymGen.createAcronym("Front-end Development");


📦 Packages

Our team creator application makes use of the following packages:

📝 Documentation

Learn more about PTC and dive deeper into this project by reading the process documentation in our wiki.

⚠️ License

This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.

License: MIT


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