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Codemod to un-pod Ember apps, addons, and engines


Step 1. Quickly return to default Octane.

cd <your/project/path>
npx ember-codemod-pod-to-octane <arguments>

Step 2. Remove podModulePrefix from config/environment.js and usePods from .ember-cli.

Step 3. Update relative paths in import statements.


You must pass --type to indicate what type of project you have.

npx ember-codemod-pod-to-octane --type=app
npx ember-codemod-pod-to-octane --type=addon
npx ember-codemod-pod-to-octane --type=engine
Optional: Do a test run

Pass --test to preview how the codemod will move files around.

npx ember-codemod-pod-to-octane --test
Optional: Specify the project root

Pass --root to run the codemod against (1) a project somewhere else or (2) multiple projects (assuming you have an automation script).

npx ember-codemod-pod-to-octane --root=<your/project/path>
Optional: Specify the pod path

Pass --pod-path if podModulePrefix is set in config/environment.js and has a different value than modulePrefix. “Subtract” modulePrefix from podModulePrefix to get the pod path.

# If modulePrefix is 'my-app' and podModulePrefix is 'my-app/pods'
npx ember-codemod-pod-to-octane --pod-path=pods


The codemod is designed to cover typical uses of an Ember app, addon, and engine. It is not designed to cover one-off cases.


To account for a bug (found when Ember CLI is combined with Ember Data), the codemod doesn’t consider unit tests for adapters, models, and serializers. You will need to manually move the test files.


The codemod assumes that an addon is used to define components (not models or routes).


The codemod assumes that an engine is used to define routes and route-specific components.

To better meet your needs, consider forking the repo and running the codemod locally.

cd <your/forked/repo>
./bin/ember-codemod-pod-to-octane.js <arguments>



To provide feedback, you can reach out to me on Discord at ijlee2. Please star this project so that I can gauge its importance to you and the Ember community. ⭐


Thanks goes to FlashRecruit, Imago, and CLARK, who gave me the necessary Ember experience. Some code is based on ember-component-template-colocation-migrator.


This project is licensed under the MIT License.


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