[inactive] /r/Place 2022 collaborative minimap userscript

Help /r/MyLittlePony get a pony on /r/place!

Help /r/ainbowroad build a rainbow road on /r/place!

Do you speak Spanish? Read this instead.

example of the /r/mylittlepony overlay

example of the /r/Spain overlay

Thank you all for coming this year, it was a good time. For all who contributed here, thank you for rebasing, not merging. We all have monorepo experience now! :p


Updating the template

  • The latest template is automatically fetched every minute.
  • Refresh the page to fetch the latest script
  • To get the template changed:
    • For /r/MyLittlePony: ping @Midnight Ponywka#4625 or @Bigcheese#3910
    • For /r/ainbowroad: in #minimap, ping @bb010g#5294

Joining the minimap

If your subreddit wants to join the collaborative minimap, have whoever’s going to be updating templates join https://manechat.net and, in #rplace‘s “Tool Creation” thread, ping @bb010g#5294 or @Bigcheese#3910 with information. Please ask whoever’s managing the minimap for your subreddit for changes to the minimap or template, to avoid disrupting Manechat.

Spanish translation

Userscript para colaborar en /r/Place



  • Cada minuto se descarga la plantilla más reciente automaticamente.
  • Para actualizar el script refresca la página
  • Para actualizar la plantilla habla con cualquier moderador del discord de r/spain


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