Colloid gtk theme



  • GTK >=3.20
  • gnome-themes-extra (or gnome-themes-standard)
  • Murrine engine — The package name depends on the distro.
    • gtk-engine-murrine on Arch Linux
    • gtk-murrine-engine on Fedora
    • gtk2-engine-murrine on openSUSE
    • gtk2-engines-murrine on Debian, Ubuntu, etc.
  • sassc — build dependency


Manual Installation

Run the following commands in the terminal:


Tip: ./ allows the following options:

-d, --dest DIR          Specify destination directory (Default: ~/.themes)
-n, --name NAME         Specify theme name (Default: Colloid)
-t, --theme VARIANT...  Specify theme color variant(s) [default|purple|pink|red|orange|yellow|green|teal|grey|all] (Default: blue)
-c, --color VARIANT...  Specify color variant(s) [standard|light|dark] (Default: All variants)
-s, --size VARIANT...   Specify size variant [standard|compact] (Default: standard variant)
--tweaks                Specify versions for tweaks [nord|black|rimless|normal] (only nord and black can not mix use!)
                        1. nord:     Nord color version
                        2. black:    Blackness color version
                        3. rimless:  Remove the 1px border about windows and menus
                        4. normal:   normal windows button style
-h, --help              Show help

For more information, run: ./ --help


Flatpak Installation

Automatically install your host GTK+ theme as a Flatpak. Use this:


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