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Types of colours

There are 3 supported colour types: HEX, RGBA and HSLA.

Hex colours

When making a hex colour, you can add the prefixes # or 0x, but hex prefixes aren’t necessary. Hex colours can also be 3, 4, 6 or 8 digits long (not including the prefix).

RGBA and HSLA colours

When making a RGBA or HSLA colour, you should note that the alpha (transparency) parameter isn’t necessary. Also, the alpha parameter uses the unit interval (0 to 1) instead of a percentage.

How to use

Making a colour

You can make a colour by using the new keyboard:

new HEX("0x17f")

Getting the CSS value of a colour

Getting the CSS value of a colour is really easy because every colour has a value getter property.

new HSLA(214, 100, 53).value // Returns hsla(214, 100, 53, 1)

Converting colours

You can convert colours by making a new colour with the old colour as the parameter. The colour classes are smart and can differentiate colours (1 parameter) from the typical parameters.

new RGBA(new HEX("#1177ff")).value // Returns rgba(17, 119, 255, 1)

Editing a colour

All colours but HEX colours have a property for each letter that you can edit.

let newColour = new HSLA(214, 100, 53)
newColour.h = 69 // newColour is now {a: 1, h: 69, l: 53, s: 100}


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