Concircle scanner mobile app

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Concircle scanner mobile app is application That helps you scan your order and position and to know if there are exact or not. it’s cross-platform app.



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  • A barcode for an order and for a position is scanned by a device camera.🌟
  • If the scan is correct, the scanned code is displayed in the corresponding field.
  • Color distinction or indication between a correct scan and a faulty scan.
  • If the scan is faulty, there is a haptic warning signal (vibration).
  • The application is optimized for iOS and Android.


Easily set up a local development environment!

Run the app on localhost:19002

  • clone
  • npm install
  • expo start
  • Scan QR code with your mobile with expo client

You can find the Bar code Geneator app here : App 💻

Start coding! 🎉


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